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load testing with rails

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One of our project is extensively based on API calls. The API service providers have there own bottleneck and take a lot of time to process our request and send the response. The overall page load time is not encouraging. The client wanted to test the robustness  of application and to see the overall response time when the number of concurrent user increases. Here, come the need to do load testing for the application. I tried to evaluate the tools available in the market. I came across below options.

Ruby Gems

being ruby developer, first I tried to find out some tools on ruby community like ruby toolbox and rubygems . I found some options at this link.

I give a try to two of the gems tourbus and trample.  They didn’t suits my need. I looked into other gems also and felt below

-> There is still not any decent gem available on rails community to do a average load testing

-> Most of the gem owners have left development and maintenance of the gems they started building

-> None, of the gems have a proper documentation or a demonstrable examples

-> The two gems I have tried have problem in there installation itself. Strange thing is that tourbus has fixed the reported installation issue with ruby 1.9.3 and above 4 months back, but still not pushed the code to Since bundle install gems from, you get the erroneous code which will not work with ruby 1.9.3. You can bypass the default by passing the git repository as source and get the current code but then it will get into some other trouble. I decided to better let it go  🙂

Opensource Tools

Surfing for free load testing tools , I come across below options. jmeter look best to me among them. jmeter have excellent documentation


-> Apache Jmeter

-> Tsung

-> Siege

Paid Load Testing Tools

I search for some paid tool also. Being paid, they are far better then other available options, at least I felt so 🙂

-> Neotys

They are providing free trial for one month. I installed it to give a try and find it amazing. It is easy to use with proper documentation and video tutorial . They also provide 24×7 technical support to help you out of any problem. Since, they have detailed explanation of how to, I managed it myself without any problem. I suits all my needs.

-> Load runner 


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